The Journey To The Places Of Enlightenment Of Lord Buddha

Nepal is the country full of natural attractions, Nepal may be the acceptable tourism destination for nature lovers tourists. In the same way, Nepal can be a suitable tourism destination for adventure enthusiasts tourists in addition to culture lovers. Nepal is very in culture and customs. In this small area, Nepal is a settlement of over 120 ethnic groups. A number of the ethnic groups are on the verge of extinction; Kusunda is one of them. It is very natural that Nepal, the land where Lord Buddha was created would have provisions for Buddhists having a Lumbini tour. A traveler or a pilgrim, wishing to stop by some of those Buddhist tourist places Nepal, may not have a proper idea about which destinations or travel routes to select. Quite a couple of travel packages and tour circuits are accessible; a tourist could decide on the Buddhist tour according to his taste of the areas of the visit or the nature of the trip.

However, it’s always advisable to select a guided excursion as that will help the visitor to appreciate the background of the sites he makes the decision to visit. Rate, Chepang, etc are the other cultural groups that are in the circumstance of losing their identity. In Nepal still, there are cultural groups that are living in the primitive ages. Nepali people have been protecting their civilization for commercial purposes too. Assessing the civilization has been an income source for Tharu community people. They’ve been earning a handsome amount for showing their ethnic dances and serving their local cuisine for those tourists. Most of the tourists visiting Chitwan frequently do not miss seeing Tharu cultural displays and ingesting Tharu cuisine.

Nepal is the country having great historical significance. Nepal is the state of “Gurkhas”. Nepal is the only independent nation on the planet. Though Gurkha soldiers lacked modern arms and ammunitions, they shielded Nepal’s land from British colonization by demonstrating their bravery and courage. Nepali men and women feel proud to talk about their backgrounds. Three of the world heritage sites in Kathmandu valley; Kathmandu durbar square, Bhaktapur durbar square and Patan durbar square highlight the historic importance of Nepal. These durbars were built from the Malla Kings. History lover tourists can go to these areas to understand more about the Nepalese history. In Nepal, vacationers can find out about the history associated with Lichchhivi, Malla, and Shah Dynasty. They’re also able to watch the historic monuments, inscriptions, etc..

Nepal is also an important tourist destination for its spiritual tourists. Nepal is the birth area of Gautam Buddha. Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal at 6th century BC in Lumbini. In the same way, there is a belief among the Hindus that many gods and deities lived in Nepal. Around 1 million people visit Pashupatinath on the day of Shivaratri (considered to be the day Lord Shiva was born). Largely the pilgrims coming to Nepal are Hindus and Buddhists. India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, China, Thailand, and a number of other Asian tourists visit Nepal for pilgrimage purposes. The sole Living Goddess of the world Kumari is found in Nepal. Muktinath is the temple that’s worshipped by both Hindu and Buddhists.

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