Lumbini International Research Institute (LIRI)

LIRI is the dominating complex of the cultural zone. The Institute was established with the specific purpose of providing the scholars interested in studying philosophy, religion and culture with adequate and standard research facilities. Located in a quiet area of the monastic zone, LIRI has a beautiful building constructed according to the Master Plan at grid-points x13 y37. It contains lecture rooms, library and study rooms for different language sections. It has also a dormitory with for research scholars. A large space in the centre of the complex is provided to facilitate research scholars and other occupants with a meeting place and informal contact.

LIRI stands just across the street from the museum.

The LIRI complex was constructed with the financial support of the Reiyuki, Japan under an agreement with LDT. Reiyukai has also taken the responsibility of running this institution. The ever-growng library has a very good collection of Buddhist texts, manuscripts, journals, research reports, etc. in several languages. The institute also publishes important manuscripts on Buddhism. This is an attractive and useful facility for serious researchers who cannot only use the library but also enjoy the hospitality inside the complex with a moderate payment.

The building is composed of two-stories of brick masonry arches and reinforced concrete at the core. The reinforced concrete structure os applied to the part where the concentration load will be charged at a rate more than bearing strength of brick to transfer the higher concentrated load to other structural members. Expecting these, minimum application of reinforced concrete structure on other available construction materials like under concrete, foamed concrete etc. is to be used to fill up the void space.


The following are the main facilities available inside the research institution complex:

  1. Reception Hall
  2. Reference Room
  3. Dormitory (24)
  4. Living Quarters (4)
  5. Typing/ Filling/Printing
  6. Lecture Room (6)
  7. Professor’s Room
  8. Administration
  9. Director’s Room (1)
  10. Central Foyer


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